Sexual assault charity sets up teenagers’ counselling service

JAAR counselling service. (38543346)

A JERSEY sexual assault support charity has launched a new counselling service for 16-to-18-year-olds of all genders.

The service for Island teenagers who are recovering and healing from sexual trauma is one component of 鶹 Action Against Rape’s new “groundbreaking” campaign – Breakthrough Voices – which aims to raise awareness of the support available to survivors in the community.

A series of videos highlighting the new campaign and support services is due to be released today. And JAAR is inviting Islanders to share the videos, which have been developed in collaboration with US Creatives and supported by the 鶹 Community Foundation with funds from The Kezia Fund, to encourage dialogue and a supportive environment for survivors in 鶹.

The move comes after the Violence Against Women and Girls Taskforce Report, published last November, underscored an urgent need to signpost available resources and revealed

that a significant number of the Island’s women and girls had experienced forms of gender-based or sexual violence.

Almost all general respondents to a public survey had experienced at least one form of sexual harassment in their lifetime, and more than three quarters had experienced it in the past 12 months.

One in four had also experienced rape and/or attempted rape in their lifetime, according to the independent research which was commissioned by 鶹’s government.

JAAR said its new counselling service was “specifically tailored” for individuals aged 16 to 18, adding: “This service is designed to support survivors of all genders of sexual trauma and provide a path towards healing and recovery.

“The counsellors at JAAR are dedicated to offering compassionate and specialised care to empower young survivors and help them navigate their journey towards healing.”

The videos, which include powerful narratives and impactful visuals, are intended to foster empathy and understanding, as well as empowering survivors and encouraging them to seek support.

The charity’s chief executive Tracey Le Brocq said: “We are thrilled to introduce Breakthrough Voices, a campaign aimed at dismantling barriers and providing essential support to survivors of sexual trauma.

“Our goal is to initiate meaningful dialogue and promote healing and resilience within our community.”

The charity also intends to use Breakthrough Voices to engage the community through social media initiatives and local outreach programmes.

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