Man on trial for inciting sex with schoolgirl


A 41-YEAR-OLD man has gone on trial for inciting sexual activity with a child after allegedly stopping a girl on her way to school and handing her a note which read “you can have me anytime you want”.

After being arrested for the incident, a number of indecent photos and videos of children were discovered on Krzystof Kamil Lis’s phone by the States police, the Royal Court heard yesterday.

Crown Advocate Carla Carvalho, prosecuting, told the court that the photos – of boys and girls – were of children under ten, and one image showed a one-year-old child.

Mr Lis denies one count of inciting sexual activity with a child and two counts of making indecent images of a child.

His defence argues that he cannot be held responsible for his actions due to his mental health.

Advocate Carvalho said Mr Lis stopped the 14-year-old schoolgirl and passed her a note which read: “You can have me anytime you want. Drop me a letter when and where.”

She added: “He told the child not to tell anyone. Fortunately, she did.”

Mr Lis was arrested the following day and, after a search of his phone, charged with holding two category B images and 40 category C images, of which 31 were videos.

The Crown Advocate said Mr Lis previously received words of advice from the police after messaging a 13-year-old girl on TikTok, telling her: “I really, really want it.”

During this conversation, which was played in court, Mr Lis claimed that he was trying to tell her not to behave in a provocative way.

The Jurats – who are deciding the case – are due to hear from two psychiatrists about whether Mr Lis was suffering from psychosis at the time of the incident.

Giving evidence, digital forensics specialist William Cloete told the court that a search of Mr Lis’s phone had revealed that he accessed pages and searched for terms referring to the young age of subjects.

Mr Cloete also said that images had been cached in the Instagram app – but that it was not clear whether the defendant had simply been recommended the images by an algorithm, or whether he had actively clicked on them.

The Deputy Bailiff, Robert MacRae, is presiding. The Jurats sitting are David Gareth Hughes and Andrew Lawrence Cornish.

The trial is due to last another two days.

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