Islanders donate thousands to help convicted paramedics

John Sutherland and Tom Le Sauteur with paramedics and Fire Service crews outside the Royal Court. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (38484003)

A CROWDFUNDING page set up to help pay the legal fees of two paramedics convicted of failing to provide “reasonable care” to a patient who later died has raised over £15,000.

John Sutherland (60) and Tom Le Sauteur (36) were last week found guilty by Jurats in the Royal Court of a health-and-safety breach in relation to their response to a 39-year-old man who had called an ambulance after taking a drug overdose.

Having become aggressive and saying he did not want help from the paramedics, the man later died of cardiac and respiratory arrest while he was in their care.

The Jurats found that delays in delivering care on the night were “unreasonable”.

A fundraiser has since been launched to “help Tom and John fight these charges, assist with the financial burden of the ongoing legal fees, and help recoup their financial losses”.

As the JEP went to print yesterday, over £9,000 had been raised. The fundraiser was set up on Tuesday and aims to raise £20,000 in total.

Chloe Wallser, who set up the online fundraising page, said that the verdict “exposes a troubling reality”.

“Paramedics risk their lives for our safety, yet they lack adequate support and protection when faced with difficult choices,” she said.

“Imagine the immense pressure they experience in high-stress situations. This verdict only discourages them from using their best judgment in critical moments.”

Although Miss Wallser does not know Mr Le Sauteur or Mr Sutherland personally, she does have connections to other paramedics.

“Knowing that this could happen to any of them at any time when they give so much of themselves and their lives day in and day out, no questions asked, for our safety, is gut-wrenching,” she said. “I just couldn’t believe the verdict when I read it and my feelings and sentiments seem to be echoed tenfold around the Island.”

More than 150 people gathered outside 鶹’s Ambulance headquarters last week in support of the two suspended members of staff.

Miss Wallser continued: “Tom and John have a whole island of support behind them and this was the best way I could think of to hopefully try to make a tangible difference and help lighten what I can only imagine is an unbearable load.”

She added: “They deserve to be back on the job, serving our community.

“They shouldn’t be battling crippling legal fees on top of the emotional toll of this ordeal.”

Both Mr Sutherland, a former acting chief ambulance officer with more than 35 years’ experience, and Mr Le Sauteur have been suspended from service since 23 March 2022, with their suspensions due to continue while an internal investigation is carried out.

No date has been set for the two men to be sentenced.

Donations can be made at:

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